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once upon a zombie with extra clothes


Not sure how much more these will cost but i think they might be 25 to 30 dollars.

tumblr_n1qf8wru1l1sjazato1_500.pngthere is also tinker bell, Alice and Pocahontas coming out.

There will be fashion packs and a mutipack too with dolls in orginal outfits. I think the fashion packs are d

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top model tonner dolls

Not sure if many people here have heard of these. They seem to be articulated and have inset eyes. They look very much like bjds.

6531482463?profile=original6531482260?profile=original6531482284?profile=originalI think these are pretty nice. They look a bit like moxie teenz with smaller heads and bodies.

I haven't seen these in sto

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vi and va dolls

These kind of remind me of la dee da and bratz it kind of looks like a fusion thou i do think la dee da and bratz are great on their own. These are ok but I'm not too crazy about the molds. I think they look kind of cute thou. I'm hoping they are reg

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lammily versas barbie

lammily is a realistic fashion doll that is supposed to look like the average 19 year old girl. she has brown hair and hazel eyes. She has 13 points of articulation. She comes with a blue buttion down ombre shirt,  jean shorts and white shoes. she co

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hi i'm thrifty dolly

HI i'm thrifty dolly. I've been collecting dolls for 17 years and went on my first doll hunt when i was four. I collect a lot of different dolls as well as anime figures.

Right now i currently collect monster high, ever after high, american girl, our

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