lammily versas barbie

lammily is a realistic fashion doll that is supposed to look like the average 19 year old girl. she has brown hair and hazel eyes. She has 13 points of articulation. She comes with a blue buttion down ombre shirt,  jean shorts and white shoes. she costs 25 dollars.

here's the website for the doll.

She also has stickers that add details such as acme, celulite, freckles, birth marks, moles, bruses, bandaids etc. They cost an extra 6 dollars.

There are also outfits due that have a different country theme for each one.  lammily is also a world traveler. The range in price from 17 to 28 dollars.

Some of the stickers i feel are a bit too much but overall it's nice that you can customize her. The outfits were nicely done really should be priced at 10 each pricing a doll outfit more the half the price of the doll seems unreasonable. As far as the doll itself she seems to have issues with the hands and feet falling off. Her knee and elbow joints are covered in  rubbery plastic which may cause breakage latter from stress.

Mattel has also made a similar doll to lammily

I picked up this doll for only eight dollars at walmart. i think overall this doll is nicer even know she has barbie proportions. Many people have mistaken this doll for lammily already. 

What do you think do you prefer lammily or barbie?

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  • Its interesting. Should dolls looks like a perfection, or more like...normal people? OTOH, should normal people look more fit? I need to loose a few pounds haha!

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