hi i'm thrifty dolly

HI i'm thrifty dolly. I've been collecting dolls for 17 years and went on my first doll hunt when i was four. I collect a lot of different dolls as well as anime figures.

Right now i currently collect monster high, ever after high, american girl, our generation, and my little pony including esquestia girls.

I also here and there buy anime figures from dragonball z, sailor moon, shaman king, one piece, naruto, bayblade, bakugan, yu yu hakusho, licca chan, takara jenny, cardcaptors, magic knight rayearth, inuyasha, tsubasa, death note, full meatal alchemist, pullips, blythe and there's a few other random figures some i haven't ided lol

I also here and there buy littest pet shop, disney princess, barbie,moxie, lalaloopsy and bootlegs of other dolls i collect.

My inactive collections are liv, cutie pops, kawaii crush, trollz (monster high style troll dolls), bratz and other random dolls

I plan to try once upon a zombie and vi and va sometime this year.

I consider something I'm actively collecting a series i purchase from every month. Here and there varies from once a year to once every 2 months. inactive means if it isn't in stores i won't pursue it so if bratz come back they will be added to the here and there pile lol.

Nice to meet you.

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  • Wow that's a lot! Thanks for joining and contributing.

    DBZ and Sailor Moon are special to me as those were the first toys I sold much of. For a time, it was hard to keep them in stock.

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