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The big news is that Ben 10 is returning! Cable producer Cartoon Network announced "Ben 10" will return to the network, and that will mean more Ben 10 toys!

Cartoon Network says the new Ben 10 show start in markets outside the US Fall of 2016, and in the US in 2017. Cartoon Network also mentioned they plan to release Ben 10 content on "mobile", meaning over the internet for mobile computers.

Ben 10 first began airing in 2006, so it is returning 10 years later. Cartoon Network said original characters returning will include Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen, and Grandpa Max. But they didn't mention Kevin Levin! What is up with that?

Ben 10 was a big hit for creators Man of Action and Cartoon Network, with four animated series, one CGI movie, two live-action movies. Tons of toys, games, and clothing. Over Four billion in sales worldwide!

Cartoon Network stated that toys for the new series will be produced by Playmates Toys, marking a change from Bandai America. Bandai sold over 100 million toys for Ben 10. Playmates will begin releasing Ben 10 toys in 2017.

I hope to visit Playmates Toys during the Hong Kong Toy Fair in January 2016.

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