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LEGOs Ultra Agents toys, playsets and mini figures for this year. Ultra Agents LEGO toys will include:
Spyclops Infiltration, 109 pieces, $10, Available March
Invizable Gold Getaway, 237 pieces, $20, Available in March
Ultrasonic Showdown, 187 pieces, $20, available in August
Drillex Diamond Job, 312 pieces, $30, Available in March
Agent Stealth Patrol, 475 pieces, $50, Available in March
AntiMatters Portal Hideout, 475 ieces, $70, available in August
Ultracopter vs Antimatter, 614 pieces, $80, available in March
Ultra Agents Ocean HQ, 1,204 pieces, $100, available in August
These LEGOs toys were seen during New York Toy Fair, Feb 2015.

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