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These kind of remind me of la dee da and bratz it kind of looks like a fusion thou i do think la dee da and bratz are great on their own. These are ok but I'm not too crazy about the molds. I think they look kind of cute thou. I'm hoping they are regular size and not really small the pictures make me think they are small thou. At 17 they really should be regular size.

Here's the story Vi and Va are cousins and they are all about family and friendship. They and their friends Felicia and Roxxi go on adventures to learn lessons about friendship. Kind of a dora and my little pony type story line. If i remember right both Vi and Va are Spanish verbs conjugations for to go so i think Vi and Va are Hispanic.

Here's some actual pictures


here's vi


here's va


here's Felicia


here's roxxi

thanks for looking

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Oh they are from MGA. I was going to look for those at the next toy fair, but MGA really don't like to show much to the press. But I will ask.

That's a good idea. I'm wondering about the size if they are regular size 11in are small dolls 4 to 6in or even something in between that. 

These have been found i just got the deluxe ones at target for 20 i'm excited about them.


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